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Please contact us if you would like to join our Tufilea programme.

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    Language & Culture

    Famili Taulua

    Famili Taulua was founded by Dr Melenaite Taumoefolau, a researcher, academic and an expert linguist and a long time member of our Board of Trustees. She named the programme Taulua or Bilingualism whereby two languages can exist side by side having equal value and importance. It has meant that New Zealand born Tongans are able to reflect on their use of the Tongan language in a Western society and understand the significance of cultural identity and how it plays a protective factor in the lives of NZ born children.

    SIAOLA has several language initiatives that we currently run. The Potatala Programme is our story telling programme that is run during Tongan Language Week.

    SIAOLA runs a number of initiatives, such as the Tufilea programme, the Fatulea programme, and Fatutohi. Experts run programmes from different professions supporting the development of children’s knowledge of our Tongan language and children’s books.