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Famili Mo’ui Lelei – Health

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    Famili Mo’ui Lelei

    SIAOLA supports two health programmes. The first is to support our communities to get vaccinated and the other is to hold the annual National six-week weight loss challenge.

    Covid 19 meant sudden lockdowns within the Auckland region. District Health Boards worked directly with Health Providers to support communities to be vaccinated. SIAOLA worked with some of the Vahefonua Tonga churches and the Auckland District Health Board to vaccinate members of the church.

    SIAOLA has supported 14800 people to be vaccinated by supporting our Pacific Health providers such as The Fono and the Tongan Health Society.

    Siaola had the opportunity to promote healthy living within the Vahefonua Tonga church community. Rather than just plan a one-day Health Day, we organised a National six-week challenge across all the Vahefonua Tonga churches within NZ. Of the 35 churches we found the following;

    • 12 churches participated,
    • 300 people registered,
    • 4 cities took part

    SIAOLA coordinated a Famili Mo’ui Lelei Launch across three cities, with Hamilton participants joining Auckland and live streaming from Wellington, Gisborne, and Auckland. SIAOLA intends to run this programme on an annual basis encouraging churches to take part in exercise, eating healthy, and walking.