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The strength of SIAOLA is reflected in the management and implementation of a number of key initiatives driven by professionals, specialists and the families that we work with. Their passion and commitment to our services has led to the success of five key initiatives. These initiatives come under the Famili Lelei or Family Wellbeing Services that we provide.

Education - Famili Ako Lelei

Register at your local Laulotaha education centre.

Financial Wellbeing Service - Famili Api Lelei

Find out about pathways to Home Ownership & building Financial Wealth

Social Services - Famili Va Lelei

Food parcels & Family Wellbeing programme. Register now.

Health - Famili Mo’ui Lelei

Learn about our Community Health Programmes and How to register

Language & Culture - Famili Taulua

Register as a language student with our Tufilea programme.

Media & Communication – ‘Ataongo

Read more about our stories through our eyes