Famili Vā Lelei-Family Support

Famili Vā Lelei Programme (since 2017)

We run an intensive Family Wellbeing programme on a bi-monthly basis that addresses Family Violence and Child abuse.

It is a value and strength based programme with a Tongan Cultural framework.

Our Famili Vā Lelei Programme was developed by our team of professional volunteers (clinical psychologist, counsellors, teachers and social workers) in 2016 and piloted in 2017.

It received two District Commander Awards from Counties Manukau Police recognising it as an effective programme that addresses family violence and abuse within our Tongan community. In 2018, it was the finalist for best Community and Police partnership for the Police Districts in Auckland, and won the National Evidence based Problem Oriented (EbPOP) Award for a Family Violence Programme.

Church Leaders Nga Vaka Training (since 2016)

We partner with the Ministry of Social Development, Pasefika Proud, to provide Family Violence Prevention training to our Church Leaders within our 20 churches in the Auckland region.

Kavamalohi Apitanga Workshops (since 2016)

We partner every year with the local churches to run Family Violence Prevention Workshops.

Famili Vā Lelei Campaign/ Pasefika Proud (since 2016)

We promote Family Violence Prevention in a culturally appropriate way on Social Media, Video’s, Fono’s, Radio and Newspaper. The aim is to change mindsets.

Family Wellbeing Navigators

Our Navigators provide social service support for vulnerable families needing support.

Strengthening Youth & their families

The Clinical Team are focused on supporting young boys and their families to be resilient and to strengthen their home lives to counter being exposed to at risk and dangerous environments.

COVID 19 Response Support

Food parcels, Bill payments, Face Masks, Counselling for Job loss, Wage Subsidy and Food Shortage